SNBU recapture

Hello CSBN members,

I plan to do a “Cross-country checkup” sometime soon, so please send along any updates that should be posted.

I received an email from Caroline S this evening requesting that I share info about a recapture. I don’t have the email list for the CSBN, so here is the information. Hopefully the right people will see it! Please email me using the address Rick shared with you if you want to claim this band, or just provide an update.

Hi Jeff.  I’m part of the CSBN, at the E. Harrow station of Holiday Beach Migration Observatory, in southwestern Ontario.

Today we had our first recap of the year, a band # I do not recognize.  Does anyone claim this band #2571-37426?  It was a SY female.  Please let me know if you find out who banded it and where.

Many thanks,

C.D. S

-Jeff MacLeod

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