September 9th – A Box of Chocolates

Early this morning, there was a Sharp-shinned Hawk eluding us, bouncing out of the net on two occasions. On our first net round, the hawk was partially caught in the one net and after running down the net lane and jumping over the guy line I still didn’t catch him (I was on the wrong side of the net). Then, a little while later, I saw the hawk in the net by the banding lab and I ran out again and for the second time the hawk escaped. The nuthatch that he was after was fine. Shortly after this, we saw the hawk perched on the top of the Purple Martin pole. Carol quickly went to Net #2 to extract birds from the net, and the hawk watched her the whole time, never flying away.
While I was away on census, Carol was busy extracting birds and keeping an eye out for the Sharp-shinned Hawk. When I returned, she said she had a nice assortment of birds hanging up in bags in the banding lab – just like an assorted box of chocolates. There was a mix of warblers, flycatchers, and thrushes in the mix. By this time, it was quite warm, and it was very slow until closing.

Banded 20
1 Downey Woodpecker
2 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
1 Veery
1 Gray-cheeked Thrush
1 Swainson’s Thrush
2 Gray Catbird
1 Warbling Vireo
1 Philadelphia Vireo
1 Nashville Warbler
2 Magnolia Warbler
1 Black-throated Green Warbler
3 Blackpoll Warbler
1 American Redstart
1 Common Yellowthroat
1 Wilson’s Warbler



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