September 8th – Nice Variety

Red sky in the morning…..but we didn’t have to take warning. Maybe because we’re not sailors….. -KMP

Although we didn’t have a big banding total we did have a good species count for the day: 59 species encountered through the course of the morning. There were lots of birds around – just not in the nets. New species for the season were: Connecticut Warbler, Pileated Woodpecker and Semipalmated Sandpiper. Actually there were 2 Pileated Woodpeckers around and it was unclear whether they were being chased by a Sharp-shinned Hawk or they were chasing the hawk. The thinking is that the hawk was on the trail of some blue Jays (who were putting up a heck of a fuss) when it crossed the path of the woodpeckers who did not take kindly to its presence and proceeded to give chase. After awhile the hawk decided it was his turn to give chase and so….back and forth. The outcome was unclear. Likely the blue jays got away, the woodpeckers got tired of the game and the hawk went hungry for awhile longer. Good drama for the census crew though.

Sharp-shinned Hawk – n the prowl for a wayward Blue Jay. -KMP

Banded 27:
1 Downy Woodpecker
1 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
1 Black-capped Chickadee

A fairly late Wood Thrush. -KMP

1 Wood Thrush
2 Gray Catbirds
1 Warbling Vireo
5 Red-eyed Vireos
1 Nashville Warbler
2 Magnolia Warblers
1 Blackburnian Warbler
1 Western Palm Warbler
3 Bay-breasted Warblers

A VERY pleasant surprise: a rare Connecticut Warbler. -AT

1 Connecticut Warbler

Female Canada Warbler. -MMG

1 Canada Warbler

Striking adult male American Redstart. -MMG

1 American Redstart
1 Common Yellowthroat
1 Wilson’s Warbler
2 Song Sparrows

Male Wilson’s Warbler – first for the season. -JET

[From yesterday] Aliya with her first banded bird: Song Sparrow. -DOL

ET’s: 59 spp.

Karen’s Kreeping Korner:

Great Spangled Fritillary. -KMP

Male Monarch Butterfly. -KMP


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