October 7th –

Male Black-throated Blue Warbler -BGO

Today started off overcast, humid, with a light mist and a wind coming out of the North. I was thinking the mist would keep migrants grounded over night but I heard a few Myrtle Warblers giving chip notes overhead at 0630, well before sunrise. These birds may have chosen to migrate over the very low cloud ceiling and take advantage of the North winds. The banding day was never busy, but net rounds were always producing some birds giving us a total of 68 birds banded. I was interested by the numbers of warblers, including long distance warblers, still hanging around like Tennessee, Black throated blue, Black throated green, Blackpoll and Nashville. We retrapped 27 birds, proving a considerable amount of birds hung round last night for another visit to the banding station! I would like to thank the great volunteers that helped out today and made the day fun. To Rick’s and Nancy’s excitement, many volunteers will have to own up to the McMaster rule and bring freshly baked goods for next time!

Banded 68:
Swainson’s Thrush – 2
Hermit Thrush – 2
American Robin – 4
Eastern Phoebe – 1
Cedar Waxwing – 2
Ruby Crowned Kinglet – 10
Golden crowned Kinglet – 3
Black capped Chickadee – 2
Myrtle Warbler – 19

Blackpoll Warbler -BGO

Blackpoll Warbler – 1
Black-throated Blue Warbler – 2

Black-throated Green Warbler -BGO

Black-throated Green Warbler – 2

Tennessee Warbler -BGO

Tennessee Warbler – 4
Nashville Warbler – 3
Northern Cardinal – 1
Chipping Sparrow – 1
White-throated Sparrow – 7
Song Sparrow – 2
Slate Coloured Junco – 1

Retrapped Orange-crowned Warbler -BGO

ET: 49 spp.
Ben Oldfield

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