November 3rd & 4th – Another Busy Weekend!

Early morning frost – it was cold first thing this morning. -KMP

With only 3 days left in the Fall banding season you would think that things would be slowing down. While we’re not getting huge numbers (like in the middle of October) we are getting enough birds to keep us very busy (we are currently catching as many retraps – birds we’ve already banded – as new birds). And when you throw in a “public” owling night, essentially burning the candle at both ends, it can be hectic, especially when there are more than 50 attendees.

Early morning frost on the goldenrod. -MMG

It’s striking(and sobering) how quickly the variety of species has decreased over the last 10 days. On October 23rd we encountered 47 species; on November 3rd this had dropped to just 28. I firmly believe that you are given only so many migrations; this one is fast coming to an end.

And to whet your appetite for the next banding chapter……a male Snow Bunting (seen November 2 at Port Weller). -MK

November 3rd; Banded 39:
1 Downy Woodpecker
1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
3 Cedar Waxwings
1 Northern Cardinal
1 American Tree Sparrow
2 Chipping Sparrows
1 Swamp Sparrow
2 White-throated Sparrows

One of many banded juncos to be seen around the site. -MK

7 Dark-eyed Juncos
1 House Finch
19 American Goldfinches

ET’s: 28 spp.

November 4th; Banded 47:
1 Tufted Titmouse
2 Golden-crowned Kinglets
2 Northern Cardinals

A (banded) American Tree Sparrow – they are late to arrive. -M.Kershaw

5 American Tree Sparrows
1 Swamp Sparrow
9 Dark-eyed Juncos

This female AMerican Goldfinch is in the midst of moulting its flight feathers. The red lines indicate 2 old brown feathers that have not yet been moulted and the yellow line indicates a new feather that has just about completely grown in. -CM

27 American Goldfinches

ET’s: 34 spp.

Saturday Owling Night:
We banded 8 Northern Saw-whet Owls and recaptured one that we had banded in late October – it obviously had been hanging around, sitting out the bad weather.

Photo Gallery:

A look of happiness or relief? Heather, Sandy, and Tanya had vowed to walk home (Burlington and beyond) if they didn’t get to hold an owl. Mother Nature smiled upon them…. HV

A wary look…. -CHS


Just some of the gathering for “owl night” – we had to take them in shifts. -HV


This young lady shows great promise as a future “bird person”. -CR

Four (obviously) happy owlers. -CR

The pink fluorescence of the right underwing can be seen on this bird – even without the black light. -CR

Untangling an owl. -HV

Denizens of the night. …..we also heard coyotes -HV



What is it about Saw-whets that brings out joy in people? -HV

One last look and then the lights go off, the owl readjusts to the night and will soon fly off. -HV


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