November 2nd – Thank God It’s Pieday!!

Still warm……….. -DOL

Carol was a little late this morning….it’s a good thing we weren’t opening nets since the driving drizzle was almost hypothermic. But unlike many volunteers who manage to arrive just after the nets are open, she had a viable excuse: “I was baking a pie.” And so she had – we enjoyed the first piece still warm from the oven! It put us in such a good frame of mind that we even enjoyed hosting a horde of grade 7 students and giving them the low down on birds using a scad of retraps from the traps (where all the rich food, for them, was). Banding itself was pretty dismal (like the weather) as we only got 2 before closing up when they departed.

The census was pretty slow as well, the only excitement occurring when a Bald Eagle landed very close to a Great Blue Heron (much to the latter’s consternation as it flapped and croaked away upstream) and only 10 meters from us, hidden behind some dogwood shrubs.

Banded 2:
1 Eastern White-crowned Sparrow
1 Dark-eyed Junco

ET’s: 19 spp.

The end of a hard day. -DOL

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