November 17th – Finishing With A Flair!

Our season record for Northern Saw-whet Owls was 88 set a couple of years ago. Going into last night we were sitting at 87. But…..the season is getting late so, even though we thought it was worth a try, we weren’t hopeful that we would catch any more owls.

It was a beautiful night. The clouds dispersed just after dark and the moon was bright, so bright that you didn’t need a headlamp or flashlight to see your way around. Some folks think that bright nights like this aren’t very good for owls…..



We caught two on the first net round! One was a recapture of a bird that we banded a week ago. So we we tied the record. We decided to give it another go…..On the second round we caught 3 owls!! The first was a recapture of a bird that had been banded in March, 2015 in Cheboygen Michigan! And the other two were new – numbers 89 and 90….a new record!!
#89 on the left; 90 on the right.

#89 on the left; 90 on the right.

Happily we turned off the sound systems, furled the nets and packed it in for the year. What a great way to finish.

[PS: Today I got word that #1014-72940, a Saw-whet that we had banded On October 12, 2015, had been recovered on November 6, 2016 3.8 miles from Burkitsville, Frederick County, Maryland.]

Thanks to everyone for your help!! And forbearance.

3 thoughts on “November 17th – Finishing With A Flair!

  1. I have so looked forward to and enjoyed reading your blogs each evening and will miss them through the winter. It is sad, and concerning, to see the reducing numbers, especially the cedar waxwings – which we have also observed a decline in the Kawartha Lakes area. Think you for your love of birds and the work you do.

  2. Thanks Claire. Just so you know, there will be occasional blog posts throughout the Winter – especially in Snow Bunting season.

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