Night of October 27th & 28th – the Night(Owl) Shift

One of the 14 Northern Saw-whet Owls we banded tonight.

The weather was looking perfect for catching Northern Saw-whet Owls: cold (going down to -5 C), no wind, and clear (the stars actually twinkled high overhead). But sometimes in the banding game, actuality doesn’t necessarily follow theory. Tonight, though, it did. We had our best “owl” night since we started to try to catch them in the Fall of last year – we caught and banded 14!!

Saw-whet caught in the net.

The trek down to the nets is fraught with anticipation: will we find one or not. The walk is made in darkness, a light would only interfere with one’s night vision and , besides, it’s nice to see the stars. But when you approach the nets and turn on your headlamp…..and the excitement when you see that ball of feathers in the net!

Preparing to apply the band - note the heavy feathering on the leg.

Although they look cute and cuddly, they have the feet of a deadly predator.

Back at the lab it’s business as usual – band, wing measurement, weight, sex determinatin based on the previous two measurements. The heavily-feathered leg is much different than the bare leg of a passerine.

Nancy aging an owl with a black light.

Pink flouresence indicates new feathers; lack of indicates older ones. This is a SY bird.

The bird’s age can be determined by the pattern of new and old feathers in the wing. A black light is a great help in determining this (I apologize for the fuzziness of this picture – still trying to work the bugs out of this new camera….).

Ruthven CAO Marilynn Havelka with the first owl of the night.

When it’s completely “processed” it’s time to show it off and then…..return it to the night.

Nancy getting some well-deserved shut-eye in the "office" before the day shift starts.

Banding both night and day birds is grueling work – you snatch opportunities for sleep wherever and whenever you can.


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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! 14 banded! Congratulations. Thanks for the fantastic post. I love glimpsing the goings-on of the owl banding. Way to go, Nancy!

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