May 9th & 10th – Busy Two Days!

Purple Martin colony has grown to 16 birds (count ’em). MMG

It’s been a busy two days as weather conditions have resulted in a lot of migrants going to ground in our area. We have banded 200 birds in these two days and number of species encountered each day is over 70. These are the days that make one forget all the slow miserable ones.

And as an added bonus: the Burlington Fern Hillians did an overnight so they could fully take in the variety of habitats and organisms that Ruthven contains.

May 9th; Banded 121
2 Mourning Doves
1 Traill’s Flycatcher
1 Least Flycatcher
1 Red-breasted Nuthatch
3 House Wrens
3 Ruby-crowned Kinglets
1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
1 Veery
6 Gray Catbirds
1 Cedar Waxwing

Blue-headed Vireos are handsome birds. -KMP

5 Blue-headed Vireos
1 Warbling Vireo

Yellow-throated Vireo. -MMG

1 Yellow-throated Vireo
6 Nashville Warblers
14 Yellow Warblers
2 Magnolia Warblers
1 Black-throated Green Warbler
6 Western Palm Warblers

Msle Black & White Warbler -MMG

3 Black & White Warblers

Ovenbird. -KMP

3 Ovenbirds
1 Northern Waterthrush
4 Common Yellowthroats
10 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
2 Chipping Sparrows
2 Field Sparrows
4 Lincoln’s Sparrows
1 White-throated Sparrow
3 Eastern White-crowned Sparrows
12 Baltimore Orioles

Orchard Orioles – female on the left; ASY male on the right. -MMG

4 Orchard Orioles
15 American Goldfinches

ET’s: 77 spp.

May 10th; Banded 79:
2 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
1 Traill’s Flycatcher
1 Eastern Flycatcher
1 Great Crested Flycatcher
1 Blue Jay
1 Red-breasted Nuthatch
1 House Wren
5 Ruby-crowned Kinglets
1 Veery
1 American Robin

Gray Catbirds are arriving in good numbers. -KMP

4 Gray Catbirds
1 Blue-headed Vireo
7 Nashville Warblers
2 Northern Parulas
10 Yellow Warblers
1 Magnolia Warbler
3 Myrtle Warblers

Western Palm Warbler. -KMP

2 Western Palm Warblers
1 Common Yellowthroat
6 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

1st Indigo Bunting of the year – a young or SY male. -MAS

1 Indigo Bunting
1 Lincoln’s Sparrow
1 White-throated Sparrow
1 Eastern White-crowned Sparrow

Wing detail of a young male Baltimore Oriole. -KMP

18 Baltimore Orioles
5 American Goldfinches

ET’s: 71 spp.
More Photos:

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Nancy has banded 3 in the past 2 days. -MMG

Catherine with a Northern Parula she has just banded. -DOL

The oriole feeders were a happening place today. At times there were 9 orioles (Baltimore and Orchard) within 3 meters of them. -DOL

Happy hour. Doesn’t matter whether it’s grape jelly, marmalade, or berry jam as long as the glass is topped up from time to time. -KMP

Female Yellow Warbler searching for food. -KMP

Yellow Warbler checking out the freshly-opened bud. -KMP


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