May 20th – Late Migrants

The late migrants are moving through – Blackpoll Warblers, cuckoos and a variety of flycatchers were noticeable today and we were able to tap into them.

Banded 45:

Black-billed Cuckoo. -KMP

1 Black-billed Cuckoo
1 Downy Woodpecker
2 Eastern Wood Pewees

For comparison: Eastern Wood Pewee (left) and Traill’s Flycatcher/ -KMP

2 Traill’s Flycatchers

Again, for comparison: Eastern Wood Pewee (left) and Traill’s Flycatcher (right). -KMP

1 Eastern Kingbird

Although fiercely territorial up here, Eastern Kingbirds move in flocks in their wintering ground in Central America. -KMP

2 Tree Swallows
1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
5 Gray Catbirds
1 Red-eyed Vireo

Male Tennessee Warbler – one of five banded today. -WJA

5 Tennessee Warblers
4 Yellow Warblers

Female Magnolia Warbler. -WJA

3 Magnolia Warblers

One of four male Blackpoll Warblers banded today. -KMP

4 Blackpoll Warblers
2 American Redstarts
1 Common Yellowthroat

Stunning ASY male Indigo Bunting. -WJA

1 Indigo Bunting
1 Lincoln’s Sparrow
2 Common Grackles
2 Baltimore Orioles
1 Orchard Oriole
3 American Goldfinches

ET’s: 59 spp.


Tick on a Lincoln’s Sparrow. -WJA

Karen removing the tick which will go to John Scott at the University of Guelph for examination. -WJA

Great Crested Flycatcher. A retrap, this bird was banded in 2017. -WJA

Close-up view of a Black-billed Cuckoo. -KMP

The cryptic eggs of a Killdeer. -KMP

Traill’s Flycatcher (probably a Willow Flycatcher). -KMP

This large Milk Snake can often be found around the front of the Mansion. We think it might spend the Winter under the stairs. -RY

Milk Snake. -CR


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