May 19th – Rain Delay

Four amazingly talented young women: (from left) Nola, Laura, Isabella, and Eila. It was a pleasure to spend my morning with them. They have the potential to bring Eila’s T-shirt to reality: “Strong Girls, Strong World”.

It rained through the night and into the start of the banding day causing me to delay opening for about 2 hours. When it started to let up I did a census. I expected to find more species, especially in the woods, but was frustrated. When it stopped I opened nets. Up until this point it has been quite peacefully quiet….sort of like the old days. But then the solitude was invaded by 4 delightful young people who are very keen to learn about birds and banding. So the next four hours were filled with chatter and laughter….and some nice birds. It was fun… the end, what this should be about I think.

Although we didn’t get a lot of birds we got enough to keep us busy and at a rate that allowed the girls to learn to handle birds, band and scribe without having to rush. And we got a nice variety (17 species) which kept it interesting.

Banded 34:
1 Traill’s Flycatcher
1 Wood Thrush

Female Yellow Warbler. -ELO

Laura with a Wood Thrush. You can see the encroaching urban sprawl in the background. -IAK

1 Gray Catbird
2 Cedar Waxwings
1 Warbling Vireo
1 Red-eyed Vireo
1 Blue-winged Warbler
3 Tennessee Warblers
5 Yellow Warblers
1 Chestnut-sided Warbler
3 Magnolia Warblers
2 American Redstarts
1 Common Yellowthroat

A very handsome male Wilson’s Warbler. -A. Morgen

1 Wilson’s Warbler
2 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

Male (left) and female finger-biters: Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. -LCB

3 Baltimore Orioles

Wing detail on young (SY) male (left) and female Baltimore Orioles. -LCB

5 American Goldfinches

ET’s: 60 spp.

Laura (left) with a male Baltimore Oriole and Isabella with the female. -ELO

Free Willy time. -ELO

I was worried that the Killdeer, which like to nest in the gravel of the parking lot, would be unsuccessful due to the heavy traffic this year because of the construction. They’re smarter than we think – they made a nest in the short grass just inside the parking barricade and well out of traffic. -ELO

Isabella helping her father, Joakin, through the hurdles of banding. -LCB


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