July 12th – How To Garden

Before I went to work….. -CAJ

After…..getting ready for tomorrow’s big garden show. -CAJ

Some people find gardening hard work. Not me. As the above pictures clearly show, beautiful things can be done, you just need the right approach. At one time the garden around the banding lab was disgusting, embarrassing. I had to do something about it, no more procrastinating. So I simply got down to hard work…..and found the right person for the job! Carol Jones doesn’t have just a green thumb, she has a magic thumb as any who have seen her “Butterfly Garden” will attest. Furthermore, she likes it. You can’t do better than that. So like most things my advice when there’s a tough job to do: find the right person.

After….as if you couldn’t tell. -CAJ

Tomorrow there’s a Haldimand-wide garden show where you can travel to various sites and see a variety of gardens. Ruthven has 3 beauties to display including mine (well….actually it’s Carol’s but I put her up to it…..).

So tell me: are Timbits baked goods or……what? Young attendees to the banding lab think they can slip one by me by bringing in a BIG box of them. Oh no, my friends. I see what you’re doing…..Let me show you what a real baked good looks like:

Fresh strawberry pie – what a REAL baked good should look like. -DOL

And this is how it should be handled:

It’s all over but the crying…… -DOL

Carol has more than a green thumb – she’s a GREAT baker.

Nature Canada’s Save Our Swallows team after putting radio/MOTUS tags on some of our Purple Martins. (from left: Alex, Ali, Vanessa, Ted, Zaeedah, Nancy, Rick) -NRF

Over the past 2 days Ted Cheskey from Nature Canada brought his Save Our Swallows team to Ruthven to apply MOTUS (radio) tags to them. Hopefully, when they migrate, their unique radio signature will be picked up by other towers and we will get an idea of their route. And wouldn’t it be great to pick up their signal next Spring!?

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  1. Hello. All of this seems wonderfully interesting to me. How can I find out what’s going on and when so that I can come and see things such as banding for myself? Can I get info in advance?

  2. Can you tell me when the fall migration starts I wasn’t able to come by in the spring? When do the warblers start to migrate?

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