February 3rd – Just To Give You An Idea

The CSBN stretches across the country. - C. Harris & O. Love

As you can see from the above map, the CSBN stretches across the country and, in doing so, has the potential to generate a lot of data that can be co-ordinated to provide interesting and useful insights into the biology of this amazing bird.

But this map, completed just a month or so ago, is already dated. Missing are: the dynamic duo of Alexandre Anctil and Ludo Jolicoeur in Rimouski (who came up with the first interesting recapture of the season – see blog for January 28th); Darryl Edwards from Sudbury (who is trying to manage a PhD., buntings and a burgeoning family (hmmmm….so is Ludo…the burgeoning family bit); and Mike Blom in the Peace River area of Alberta. This is what Mike does when he’s not banding SNBUs: http://raptorbanding.blogspot.com/ Wow!

Here in the Ruthven area it’s still mild temperatures and snow-free fields. Just before the snow disappeared we were out with a few traps but managed to catch just a single Mourning Dove:

Anne Klaus with a MODO - just before the melt.


4 thoughts on “February 3rd – Just To Give You An Idea

  1. I learned last night that there are Snow buntings in my home state (New Jersey!!) right now. When my parents told me about this, I assured them they were mistaken. surely if the CSBN was having trouble finding them in Canada, they couldn’t be as far south as NJ….oops. http://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_lin/3268603845/
    Perhaps one of the biologists at the research station at Sandy Hook would be interested in joining the network.

  2. This site is great as it allows students to see that this research is across the country especially when we are involving young mids that are becoming interested in ecology wildlife and research. It also allows banders to see the scope and effort that a cooperative banding endeavour can create. Hopefully we can catch enough birds to help fill in a few pieces of the puzzle.

  3. I would be most interested in getting in touch with Daryll Edwards as we are not to far away from sudbury as the bunting flies and perhaps we can help him out with some of his reseaerch. We are about a 2 hour drive to sudbury. Thanks Bruce murphy

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