Baillie Birdathon

The Baillie Birdathon is sponsored and run by Bird Studies Canada, and is the oldest birdcount in North America, raising money for bird research and conservation.

In order to raise funds to support Ruthven’s bird banding program, 4 banding volunteers have come together to form a team for the Baillie Birdathon, called TEAM RUTHVEN!

Team Ruthven, consisting of Peter Thoem, Matt Timpf, Joanne Fleet and Ben Oldfield have a 24 hour period to identify as many bird species as possible beginning May 12.

Ruthven Park’s banding station is part of the Haldimand Bird Observatory (HBO), a Canadian Migration Monitoring Station, 75% of the funds raised will go to the HBO and then to Ruthven.  Individuals or teams pursue sponsors to support them for a flat fee or for so much money per species.

Click here to learn more about team Ruthven. 

Click here to donate to Team Ruthven’s cause. 

Note that you will need to click “Sponsor a participant” and select one of the four Team Ruthven participants to sponsor. We will be updating our total amount raised in the sidebar of this page (to the right) approximately daily.

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