April 2nd – Pine Warblers

Tough to photograph - a Pine Warbler sticking to the treetops. - P. Thoem

My apologies. I had to rush off just after closing the nets so I don’t have any idea how successful we were today. But I’m posting some photos that give an idea of the day – I can fill you in with the facts tomorrow. What I can say for sure is that at least 2 (probably 3) Pine Warblers were counted on the census.

Pine Warbler after an insect. - P. Thoem

1sts for the year! Joanne, Matt, and a tupperware container of home-made baked goods.

We also had the first home-made baked goods of the year: chocolate chip cookies made by Joanne Fleet!!

Female Eastern Bluebird. - P. Thoem

For comparison with the young (SY) Red-winged Blackbird shown yesterday, here’s a picture of an older (ASY) bird. Note the overall black plumage and the brilliant red epaulette.

For comparison - an ASY-M Red-winged Blackbird. - P, Thoem

One of the things you learn when you catch lots of birds is that they get sick and hurt – not by the catching and banding but through the rigours of living their lives in an often hostile, dangerous environment. Here’s two pictures of old injuries sustained by different birds that have healed and they are managing to survive with.

An old, awkwardly-healed leg injury in an ASY-M Red-winged Blackbird

Note the deep groove in this female cardinal's bill - evidence of an old injury or trauma.


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