April 14th – Hypothermia Weather

When I arrived this morning the north wind was already up and it continued to rise. It wasn’t raining but the weather map showed it was just a matter of time. We opened a couple of nets and a few traps anyway and managed to capture 21 birds before the rain really got going. We followed this up with a census which wasn’t spectacular but did turn up the first Barn Swallow and Swamp Sparrow of the year.

Banded 6:
2 Chipping Sparrows
1 Dark-eyed Junco
3 Brown-headed Cowbirds

ET’s: 31 spp.

Photos (from yesterday which will explain the sunshine….):

Honey bee working its magic on the crocuses. -MMG

This Bald Eagle appears to be carrying nesting material. -MMG

One of yesterday’s 8 Chipping Sparrows. -MMG

Although the Chipping Sparrow on the left has a duller crown it is still an “older” bird as we know it was banded a couple of years ago (a retrap). -MMG

Field Sparrow giving its all. Ah….the ardour of Spring. -MMG

On the ground the Field Sparrow’s plumage is very cryptic. -MMG

Instructing some Sparks about the wonder of birds. -MMG

We have relocated some nest boxes and concentrated them in the Butterfly Meadow – a situation that the Tree Swallows seem to like. -MMG


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